About Melad

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“Concerning Egypt, I will now speak at length, because nowhere are there so many marvelous things, nor in the whole world beside are there to be seen so many things of unspeakable greatness.” – Herodotus

Dear Esteemed Travelers,

Egypt holds the key that unlocks seven millennia of history and hospitality. I warmly invite you to explore this living, breathing past with me as your knowledgeable companion.

As you visit Egypt, prepare to stand in awe before the ancient treasures, marvel at the natural beauty of golden Sahara dunes, the sacred Mount Sinai, the fertile Nile valley, and the underwater paradise of the Red Sea. Most of all, be ready to experience the warmth, generosity, and hospitality of the Egyptian people.

Egyptians take great pride in our extraordinary country—a fascinating blend of timeless traditions and modern innovations, a colorful tapestry of diverse cultures coexisting harmoniously. My genuine care for my country, my guests, and your well-being while in Egypt drives my desire to share the very best Egypt has to offer.

A truly unforgettable journey is built upon the guidance of a knowledgeable local who can immerse you in the culture, traditions, and stories of the land. With my expertise, you’ll forge meaningful connections with the people and choose experiences that align with your unique interests.

With over 16 years of experience as a tour guide throughout Egypt, I am proud to offer you a portfolio of top-quality, customized tours catering to a wide variety of interests. Be it ancient sites, family vacations, camel and horseback riding, desert safaris, or romantic getaways, I can create a tailor-made tour just for you.

Solo travelers, families, teachers planning field trips, or groups of friends and colleagues seeking unique experiences—rest assured, I have you covered!

My goal is for your Egyptian adventure to be the most exciting, memorable, and satisfying travel experience of your life. I am confident that once you have traveled with me, Egypt and its people will always hold a special place in your heart.

Remember, when you are in Egypt, you are part of my family. Welcome home to Egypt!

Sincerely, Melad


  • Licensed tour guide, 2002 graduate of the College of Tourism
  • Member of the Egyptian General Tourist Guides Syndicate (EGTGS)
  • Member of the Arab Tourist Guides Federation (ATGF)
  • Member of the World Federation of Tourist Guides Association (WFTGA)