The East bank of Luxor (Karnak and Luxor temples)

4 Hours


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Today, visitors are still awed by this city, the world’s greatest open-air museum filled with awe-inspiring monuments of ancient civilizations. In the east stands the City of the Living, where the life-giving sun rises; and in the west lays the City of the Dead, where the sun, in its never-ending orbit, bids farewell to life.

The complex of Karnak is a vast open-air museum and the largest ancient religious site in the world.

Luxor Temple is a large Ancient Egyptian temple complex located on the east bank of the River Nile in the city today known as Luxor (ancient Thebes) and was founded in 1400 BC.


  • Luxor Temple
  • Karnak Temple


- I will pick you up from your hotel in or the agreed place in Luxor .
- We will start our tour visiting Karnak temples.
- Then we proceed to visit Luxor temple.
- At the end of our tour I will drop you off back at your hotel.

P. S. This is my suggested itinerary, it can be customized to meet with your needs and time.

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The East bank of Luxor (Karnak and Luxor temples)
From $150
/ Up To 4 People (send a message for large groups)